Cohost an event with me in SF

If you would like to cohost an event with me that fits the "introspective social events for technically-minded people" vibe, let me know!

Photos from events this month:

In this first month, 119 people have signed up for the Introspective social events for technically-minded people list or an event. ~73 attendees (from 90 RSVPs) across 6 events (excluding NYE party).

I am likely interested in running any event that has both technical/abstract energy and introspective/intuitive/playful/emotional energy. (More details on that here.)

For inspiration, here’s my list of events I’m considering running soon:

  • advanced cognition/meditation discussion with a highly experienced meditator

  • writing brief blog posts just like Derek Sivers

  • intuitive calisthenics

  • teleological psychology (c.f. the book The Courage to be Disliked)

  • almost anything to do with social insecurity

  • something to do with hypnosis?

  • weird social containers (similar to, but different from, AGGRESSIVE cold reading)

  • communication experiments

  • anything related to psychology or therapy

  • anything related to exploring self-fulfilling prophecies

  • a Hamming circle except silly/stupid suggestions only

  • vibe: "taking lightly things that we usually take heavily (e.g.: intense emotions, insecurities)"

  • vibe: “Here’s something people usually avoid. Let’s head straight for it.” (Thanks to Gytis for the description)

  • something related to intentional parenting (e.g.: I recently had this interview I conducted go viral)

And here are some past events I’ve run and events that are already planned:

View the past and future event calendar here.

If the event would be better with materials, etc., we can likely even get funding from francisco san grants. They currently have only half of their funding allocated and not enough projects to fund.

I mainly run events in Lower Haight, SF, and mostly at The SF Commons (540 Laguna St, San Francisco).1

If any of these event ideas seem interesting to you, or if they inspire any ideas in you, let me know. Let’s run something! DM me or email me.

Sign up here to get notified when I run events in SF:


We can also host at The Center SF if it’s late at night.