Hi, I'm Chris Lakin.

What I’m doing now

Last updated April 2, 2024 from my home in Duboce, San Francisco.


Thinking about social interaction, conflict, anxiety, insecurity, connection, self-fulfilling prophecies, and effective therapy. Supported by CFAR.

AI boundaries!

How boundaries could help formalize the safety in AI safety. Supported by patronage.

Running unusual events

Favorites: Extreme Awkwardness Lab, self-fulfilling prophecies discussion, Intuitive Massage, Dancehole. Get notified about future events here.

How we can connect

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Note: I’ll be in NYC (at Fractal) in the second half of May. Europe in the end of June.


  • Hosting unusual social events (went viral)

  • Applied psychology

  • Intuitive bodywork

  • Vibes I like

    • abstract and technical yet playful and silly (kiki x bouba). Intuition. Holistic curiosity.

    • “taking heavy things lightly”, “Here’s something we usually avoid. Let’s head straight for it.”

  • Communicating well

  • Writing succinctly

  • Intentional parenting

  • Red meat

Link to this page: chrislakin.com/now

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