What I’m doing now (as of May 26, 2024)

I research the physics of social interaction. For humans—

—and also for aligned AIs.

Events in SF


May 20, 2024. Retrospective.
March 14, 2024. Tweet.
March 29, 2024

Get notified of my next event: chrislakin.events. (If you’d like to host an event together, let me know.)


I facilitate the shift from insecure attachment to secure attachment. I charge based on results, and I try to do all of it in a single evening.

(I would like to be able to facilitate 100% of this shift in a single session, but currently I’m only able to facilitate a fraction of it in that time.)

I charge “25% of the value you get from it, as assessed by you in 3–12 months” in dollars (or equity). For example, if you determine it was worth $50k to you, then you pay me $12.5k. But if you don’t benefit then you pay nothing.

My session with Chris was significantly more productive than the last 6 months of professional CBT and talk therapy I did combined.


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  • I’ll be visiting Prague, Geneva, and Helsinki in June.


  • My tweet about an event went viral and inspired a similar event in NYC (2). That event also inspired a whole series of events in Toronto (2).

  • Intuitive bodywork: stretching and flexibility, massage, calisthenics, partner stretching

  • Vibes I like

    • abstract and technical yet playful and silly (kiki x bouba). Intuition. Holistic curiosity.

    • “taking heavy things lightly”, “Here’s something we usually avoid. Let’s head straight for it.”

  • I’ve eaten mostly only meat since 2020

  • When I have kids

  • Q: How can teleology and etiology be unified?

  • collective intelligence — How do groups coordinate while defending themselves from internal cancers?

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